Happy Birthday Frankie 2017

I want to share this clip on Frankie’s birthday. It was one of the highlights of my life and this short dance heavily influenced the way that I feel about Lindy Hop. What was truly incredible about this is the way that Frankie turned ON to perform. Though I had the chance to dance with him a bit at other times, this was the only time on camera and it was an enlightening experience. WOW. He lit up for the camera and shed 20+ years in an instant.

The other thing that I’ll always remember about this dance is how RHYTHMICAL every second of his dancing felt. I have never felt anyone embody the rhythm of the dance the way that Frankie did during this short demo. Every part of his lead, the rhythm within the shapes of the moves, his connection with me, the way he used the floor. RHYTHM. ACCENTS. MUSIC. It was magical. #FrankieMonth