New Blog: Stepping Out Vintage

In the last year, I have decided to step away more from direct leadership in the Lindy Hop community. Now that I’m finally starting to truly understand feelings of cultural appropriation, I want to step back from that kind of work, and particularly from profiting from Lindy Hop. I will not be teaching Lindy Hop and when I do contribute to the community, it will be with a mission for better Black representation, history, respect, inclusivity, and with an eye towards passing more of the leadership to aspiring BIPOC community members. I will probably end up helping to get the Toronto Lindy Hop community back on its feet after the dust from the pandemic has settled, but beyond that, I will be channeling my efforts elsewhere.

One thing that I do want to continue to pursue, however, is vintage style events which might sometimes include dancing. For a long time, my husband Geoff and I have talked about merging some of our efforts so we’ve joined forces with the launch of our new blog: Please give us a visit and also be sure to also follow us on Instagram: @steppingoutvintage.