#FrankieMonth 2017 Workshop in St. Catharines

Frankie Manning Workshop in St. Catharines

Date: Sunday, May 21st, 2017

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Location: Bethany Community Church, 1388 Third St, Saint Catharines, Ontario L2R 6P9

Cost: ***There is no fixed cost, but we will gladly collect donations for the Frankie Manning Foundation. We suggest donations between $5 to $40, as is affordable to you.

Instructors: Mandi Gould & Lisa Jacobs, along with Geoffrey Holmes

Who is Frankie Manning?

Legendary Lindy Hopper Frankie Manning passed away in 2009, but his spirit lives on in the hearts and feet of swing dancers around the world. Frankie is remembered and revered for his vital role in the history and revival of swing dancing, as well as for his radiant and charismatic personality. His legacy is hugely important and widely influential, and #FrankieMonth is celebrated around the world each May. Learn more about Frankie Manning.

Event Schedule

1pm to 2pm – The Frankie Phrase

In this beginner-friendly first hour, we’ll work on the most important basic figures of the dance, including the Swing Out and the Lindy Circle.

A Frankie Phrase is the perfect default Lindy Hop combination, that fits a phrase of most classic jazz standards. It consists of 4 8-count moves: Swing Out from Closed, Swing Out, Swing Out, Circle. When in doubt, swing out!

2pm to 4pm – Frankie’s Favourite Steps

Pre-requisite: participants must be comfortable with the Frankie Phrase for this main part of the workshop. 

We’ll work on some of the most classic, historic, and fun figures and combinations in Lindy Hop! The workshop will include new moves and variations, with an important focus on how the dancing fits the music. A-one, a-two, you know what to do!

4pm to 5pm – Social Practice

Dance with new friends, ask questions, and get some extra help as needed.

After the workshop, everyone is welcome to join us for dinner. Restaurant TBA.


Please register so that we know that there’s enough interest to move forward with all portions of the event.