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Frankie Manning Foundation
Frankie Manning Foundation Facebook Page
Frankie Manning – Lindy Hop Group
Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop

Other Dance Links

Dance Articles

Here is a list of recommended articles and links from my Bees’ Knees Dance days. Hopefully these links remain active!

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to take your First Dance Lesson
Shoe Guide
Women’s Swing Dance Clothing
Men’s Swing Dance Clothing
How to deal with different kinds of Lindy Hop teachers and technique
Mandi’s Lindy Hop Legacy – Mandi’s story of how she started dancing

Toronto Lindy Hop History

Hop To Toronto Documentary – a time capsule of Lindy Hop in Toronto!
Hop Til You Drop – Article in Eye Magazine, 1998
Toronto_Lindy YahooGroup Archives
TO_Lindy_Discuss YahooGroup Archives
Facebook Event for the 2023 Lindy Hop Reunion

Lindy Hop Revival History – Global

World Lindy Hop Championships debate – 1999

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